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The sheep are coming.

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But these are not just any sheep.

These sheep are known

to be fast, really fast.

That's where they get their name

Around these parts,

they are known as

Quick Sheep

We've actually learned

how to spot them

in a crowd.

(Giveaway - It's the running shoes. )

Don't let their

meek appearance fool you.

These sheep are capable

of doing some amazing things,

and have been known

to save the day.

(or at least save a few projects.)

At White Oak, we've learned

how to harness their speed

and have incorporated that

into an exciting new program.

This program gives our

Valued Partners

(like you)

an excellent solution

for time-critical projects

Quick Sheep

Special Order Program

exclusively from

White Oak Custom Carpets.

Funny name, funny sheep,

but you will love

what they can do for you.

Pricing and terms valid as of September 8, 2014.

Production times

4-6 weeks.

For orders up to 100 yards.

Our sheep will gladly make larger orders, however it might take just a little longer.

For additional information contact your agent,

call our order desk or

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